Stop Loosing Your Potential Patients to Other Clinics!

Book more patients with effective brand creation & online marketing

Stop Loosing Your Potential Patients to Other Clinics!

Book more patients with effective brand creation & online marketing

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a clinic is Hard

  • Do you want to attract more patients, but are struggling to promote your clinic?

  • Are you frustrated with low revenue generated by your clinic?

  • Are you disappointed with the results of your marketing efforts?

Then we have a solution to your problem!

Accomplish more with :MedScaleup

At Medscaleup, we help doctors and clinics across India to get more patients through our healthcare marketing services. Whether you’re a small practice or a large medical facility, our personalized strategies will bring you the results you aspire to achieve.

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Attract right Patients with Online Marketing

Appear at the top of Google searches and outshine your competitors with our Google Ads service. We know just what your clinic needs to draw in more patients.

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Build presence & trust with modern Web Design

Our team designs websites that catch the eye and are easy to use – perfect for making your clinic look great online. A good website helps your clinic build trust and keeps patients coming back.

Dedicated Healthcare Marketeters

Unlike Other Agencies, we only work with doctors, clinics and hospitals. 
We Understand Doctors. We Understand Patients. And a Lot in-between Them. 

Have a Free Call with us to discover:

  • How you can get more patients in next 30 days
  • Your performance compared to other clinics nearby
  • Overview of MEDscaleup & our strategies that have benefited other clinics

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Here are some Results we bought!

An screenshot of our result growth with 325 interactions
✅ Dramatic 2854% Rise in Clinic Engagement with MedScaleup's Digital Strategy

Our targeted online marketing campaign transformed a Delhi Skin Care clinic's reach, growing from 10 to over 50 patient bookings monthly.

An screenshot of our result growth with 654 interactions
✅ Over 500% Boost in Patient Interaction for Bangalore Dental Clinic

A Bangalore Dental Clinic's appointments soared from 5 to 40+ per month, thanks to our customized digital advertising approach.

Practices we Support

Real Success Stories from Our Medical Clients!

“We went from booking
5 patients/mo to 35+ patients/mo”

I met Anmol on a Trek where he told me about how Medscaleup digital marketing strategy can help me to grow my clinic.
Its been 7 months since then, and my patient base is increasing consistently. Their team has put lot of efforts and manage my clinics marketing end-to-end.
Now I recommend them to all of my friends!

Dr. Sapna
Sapna Dental Care

“We are getting recurring 40+ patients each month”

I’ve been working with Anmol for the past year, and I’m really happy with the results. He has helped me improve my patient flow, where initially I had hardly 5 new patients a month whereas now I have triple the amount and helped me generate more leads with google Ads.
He has made me see possibilities in seemingly difficult situations around me.
I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a full-service digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Dr. Smitha
Smitha Dental Clinic & Implants

“We got 5 new patients within first 10 days of working together”

“Working with MedScaleup brought immediate results, despite having 3 competitor clinics nearby. Just in initial 3 days, our clinic’s visibility increased and we got 5 new patients. It’s been an unexpectedly successful start.”

Dr. Raghav
Raghav Skin Clinic

"We only take 2 new clinics every month because of the deep involvement in every clinic we work with.

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Our Process is Simple!

1. Book a Intro Call with Us
2. We design customized strategy for you
3. You start getting more patients

Guaranteed Results Offer:

If you don't see results in 30 days (which hasn't happened until now with any clinic) then we'll work with you for free until you do. There is no Risk for you at all.

Continue with us only if you're happy with our work

No Questions Asked!
image of MEDscaleup founder, Anmol Sahu

Meet Anmol

My Superpower:
Marketing is my superpower. As a skilled Advertising and Google Ads Specialist, I’ve empowered many clinics and healthcare providers to gain visibility on Google and connect with their ideal patients. As the founder of MedScaleup, I work 1:1 with doctors & clinics to develop advertising strategies and drive significant patient growth.

My Philosophy:
I am obsessed with every clinic and healthcare business I work with, as well as many that I aspire to work with in the future. My client partnerships are customer-driven, insight-led, and fully transparent. With me, you don’t just get a marketing expert. you get a dedicated ally committed to your long-term success and visibility in the ever-evolving digital world.

Work with Me:
Looking to scale your clinic through targeted advertising? Want to discuss how you can grow your patient base? Connect with me, and let’s chat!

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